Welcome Indonesia: Scout Student Exchange Expands!

Scouts Australia’s very popular Scouts International Student Exchange Program (SISEP) is expanding.

SISEP will add Indonesia as its 4th exchange partner after many successful years of Scout exchanges with Japan, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.

Scouts Australia has a growing relationship with Gerakan Pramuka, the Scout Association of Indonesia, after over 150 attended the 2013 Australian Jamboree in Maryborough, Queensland. Indonesia is home to over 17 million Scouts, but the SISEP trial will start with just two Scouts from each country exchanging.

Indonesian Scouts at the Australian Jamboree, 2013.

Indonesian Scouts at the Australian Jamboree, 2013.

We’re currently looking for 2 Scouts from NSW willing to be participants in the trial, as hosts and outbound exchangees, PLUS, we’re accepting expressions of interest for those interested in the program after the trial phase.

Read up on the SISEP program, and contact the National SISEP Coordinator, Barb Brook to record your interest, and for more information.