Scouting Profile: Hong Leng Chay from Singapore

Each Month, International News profiles a Scout from overseas…..

Hong Leng Chay (Scout Name: Wind)

First Scout promise: 1978

Current Scouting role:  Deputy Chief Commissioner & International Commissioner

In the real world: Private Banking, Wealth Management


What does an International Commissioner do?

An International Friendster 🙂

The International Commissioner is a member of a worldwide team. The job is to promote activities that lead to a greater international understanding by the members of the movement. The International Commissioner is primarily responsible for building relations with other Scout associations, and maintaining frequent contact with the World and Regional Committees and the World Bureau.

The most rewarding part of your Scouting role:

Establishing international friendship. Helping to connect Scouts from around the world. Having friends everywhere in the world including those you haven’t met!

Your funny campfire story?

I was a Patrol Leader and was responsible for escorting an important guest to declare the campfire open. Walking up to the wood pile with the torch in hand and I forgot the lighter !

On Singaporean Scouting:

Pretty much similar with everyone else in the world. Well, we have most of our Scouts in school groups and we do a lot urban Scouting, being a City-State.

Biggest Challenge for Scouting today: 

I think sustaining membership growth, and recruiting volunteer adults.