Contingent Leader Positions: Mongolia, New Zealand, USA

We’re currently accepting applications until 8 November 2015 for the following positions:

Contingent Leader: World Scout Jamboree 2019, USA

Contingent Leader: Asia-Pacific Jamboree 2017, Mongolia

Contingent Leader: New Zealand Rover Moot 2016  [READVERTISED]

Contingent Leader: New Zealand Jamboree 2017 [READVERTISED]



4 New International Opportunities

Are you the most Outstanding Scout in the Asia-Pacific Region – enter the competition, and travel to Korea if shortlisted. Information and Application.

Aged 18-25 and want to have your say on the future of Scouting in the Asia-Pacific Region? Apply to be an Observer to the Regional Youth Forum in Korea! Info and Application.

Ready to lead Scouts overseas?

Contingent Leader: New Zealand Rover Moot, 2016. Info and Applications

Contingent Leader: New Zealand Jamboree 2017. Info and Applications

All applications close 3 June 2015, get in quick! Any questions, contact Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner.

Contingent Leader Announcement: 73rd New Zealand Rover Moot

Belinda Layson, NSW, has been announced as the Contingent Leader to the 73rd New Zealand Rover Moot.

Named the She’ll Be Right Moot, the event will be held in Karamu, just out of Hamilton on the North Island of New Zealand from the 2nd – 6th April 2015.

Belinda has already commenced planning and is looking forward to taking a record number of Australian Rovers to New Zealand for the adventure!

More information is available from the Moot Website. For those interested in joining the Moot, or assisting Belinda with the planning, they can drop her an email.

Top 5 Photos: EntertainMoot, 72nd NZ Rover Moot

Australian Rovers undertook the annual pilgrimage over Easter 2014 to attend the New Zealand Rover Moot. Here are the Top 5 photo highlights of the Moot and Post-Moot Adventure.

We’ll be advertising the position of Contingent Leader to the 2015 New Zealand Rover Moot soon… stay tuned on this blog for more information.

Contingent Leader Appointment: 13th New Zealand Venture, January 2016

Scouts Australia is delighted to announce that Phil Britt, Victoria, has accepted the position of Contingent Leader to the 13th New Zealand Venture to be held in Rotorua, January 2016.

The New Zealand Venture is a premier event on Scouts Australia’s international calendar. The last time the event was held in 2013, over 500 Scouts Australia members travelled overseas – that meant organising transport, food, and activities for a contingent larger than the Australian Olympic team!

Phil was the Deputy Contingent Leader for the 2013 event, but looking forward he says, “I’ve got a personal goal to make sure we get as many Scouts Australia members overseas as possible” 

“The New Zealand Venture is a great opportunity to introduce our youth members to international travel – they can make new friends, learn new skills, and experience more of the world around them.”

Phil will soon be putting together his contingent team, so if you’re interested in helping plan and run this adventure, contact Phil on 0418 528 521 or via email.

More information on this event will be released later in 2014.