Live it, Love it, Scout it: 100 Years of Scouting in Luxembourg

Caitlin Wood

It was a whirlwind trip of Luxembourg that started with a 6-hour train ride from Kandersteg for Alison and I. When we arrived at Luxembourg train station we were greeted by the amazing Djuna, she was in charge of looking after all the Internationals. Djuna explained that the campsite was on the other side of the country, but like everything in Luxembourg only 30 minutes away. At the site we dropped off our packs and then had a tour of the site. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the other Rovers and exploring the site. After dinner on our first night we went to the giant circus tent that had been donated to the event, for a movie night. I had sweet popcorn for the second time in my life; Australia you are missing out.

The next morning we met up with the other Rovers and went into the city for a scavenger hunt. It was all planned out with small tasks to complete and images to help guide you’re way though the city. One of the tasks was to see which group could knit the longest scarf. As there was only one of us in each group that knew how to knit I spent most of the day knitting my way around Luxembourg City. There is a big mix of architecture in the city, one minute we were walking through Roman ruins and then around the corner we were in the business district with brand new glass buildings. Just beautiful!! The scavenger hunt was a great way to see the city in the small amount of time we had. After dinner that night we headed back to the city for a night activity. We were all split into smaller groups of about 6 people. The first task was to fish plastic ducks out of the water fountain. On the bottom was letters that made up the name of your first destination. At the next place you had to then find an envelope that had a clue to the next place and so on. Some of the envelopes had games or tasks in them also. The final destination was by far the most exciting. There was a lady who played an old upright piano, you could hear the music from the street and it just drew you in. It appeared there wasn’t a song that she didn’t know. As soon as she heard that there were Australians listening she was off playing When The Saints Go Marching In and Down Under.

Today was our service day. We had a bit of a different project than all the other groups: make a throne for the camp Chief to ride into the closing ceremony on. It was a bit difficult communicating within the group as there were people speaking Luxembourgish, German and a bit of English but we got it done in the end. In the afternoon we had free time to do some of the activities that were on the site; go for a swim, complete the parkour course and heaps more. I went and did the glow in the dark body painting and got a photo taken under a UV light. That evening was the Holy Saints Festival and we got covered in powdered paint. It was heaps of fun and very messy. Dinner tonight was a traditional Luxembourgian Dish. It was called Kniddelen, it is flour dumplings in a creamy sauce with bacon. Very tasty!! After dinner we got into our uniforms for the closing ceremony. It was strange only knowing 40% of what was going on, as not everyone spoke English but that is just part of the adventurer that is International travel. As tonight was our final night before we left, Alison and I shared some Australian Icons in the form of clip-on Koalas and Kangaroos, always very popular.

It was a fantastic trip of Luxembourg and I don’t think we would have been able to include so much in the time that we were there if we visited on our own. A Big B.R.A.V.O to everyone involved.

Live it, Love it, Scout it.