Urgent Scholarship Opportunity

Scouts Australia has just been invited to send 2 male Rovers (aged 18-23 years) to the 18th International Youth Gathering for Cultural Exchange, OMAN from 3-13th November 2015.

This has only just arrived, with applications closing soon for the scholarship on the 25th of September, so please see Information for instructions on how to apply.

Any questions, contact Neville Tomkins, International Commissioner, Scouts Australia.


New Appointments

Congratulations to the following individuals:

APR Outstanding Scout Award, Australian Nominee:

  • Angus Boxall

APR Youth Forum Observers:

  • Andre Selton
  • Caitlin Wood
  • Annie Asquith

WOSM: Communications and External Relations Strategy Unit:

  • Richard Miller

Open Call: help the World Scout Committee

The 40th World Scout Conference in Slovenia set an ambitious level of work for the World Scout Committee to undertake. So, they need help.

In order to draw upon the full talent available in Scouting around the world, the World Scout Committee has issued an Open Call for volunteers to join working groups and taskforces to deliver specific projects, develop tools or review certain policies.

This is a very exciting opportunity for Scouts Australia members to use the skills they have professionally, or have developed through Scouting to contribute to our movement at the world level.

No promises of a grey uniform, but exciting work  awaits

No promises of a grey uniform, but exciting work awaits. Photo: Brendan Watson.

In order to prevent the World Scout Committee from being inundated with applications, Scouts Australia will be operating an initial screening process to assess suitability of applicants.

If you would like to nominate for the World Scout Committee Open Call, you will need to:

  1. Read the full WOSM Circular – available here
  2. Read the World Triennial Plan 2014-2017 – available here
  3. Submit an Expression of Interest to Scouts Australia through the online form by 12th October – available here

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner via email: int.assistantcomm@scouts.com.au

Scouting in the Community: UN Youth Rep and Australia-India Dialogue

It’s important that Scouts get out into the community, and use our connections and perspectives to engage with other organisations.

Scouts Australia would like to encourage its members to apply for two outstanding opportunities:

United Nations Youth Representative from Australia

Australia-India Youth Dialogue

While you would apply as an individual candidate, the Scouts Australia International Office is more than happy to assist – writing a reference, reviewing your written submission, or providing general advice on the opportunities.

Get in touch if you’re interested!

World Scout Youth Forum: Day 2 Highlights

Another great day at the World Scout Youth Forum!

The Day 2 discussion centred on some research undertaken by WOSM on Global Youth Trends. Rather than just discussing what the delegates think are the important issues for young people around the world, this academic research surveyed statistical data and current Scout members to paint a picture of the needs and trends globally. Broken into the areas of economy, education, health, and politics, society and security, the report highlights issues such as:

  • increasing youth unemployment
  • tertiary enrolment rates and online literacy,
  • substance abuse
  • alternative modes of political participation.

Ryan Beeby prepares Australia’s contribution to morning tea, hosted by the Asia-Pacific Region.

For us Australians, the trends identified under the education area were the most interesting. Particularly, the ideas generated onvhow Scouting can be reactive to these trends to deliver more for our young people.

  • How can we better, as the Canadian delegates say, ‘turn sleeve cred into street cred’ using achievement within the award scheme to get the best outcomes for young people?
  • Does Scouting reach out to employers in a pro-active manner to advertise the benefits of Scout training?
  • Does the Scouting program relieve the pressure to succeed academically that is placed on young people today? How can we do more?

In other news, Australia’s candidate for one of the 6 Youth Adviser to the World Scout Committee positions, Chris Neilsen, gave her campaign speech today. Chris did a great job… let’s hope she succeeds in the vote tomorrow! We also made a small contribution to the Asia-Pacific Region morning tea by supplying Tim Tams and Ryan Beeby in an Akubra (both of which went down well).

Reminder: you can stream the conference live, and keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook.

World Scout Youth Forum: Day 1 Highlights

Welcome to our first daily wrap-up from the 12th World Scout Youth Forum held in Rogla, Slovenia.

The first day was taken up with introductions and important administrative tasks such as  approval of the agenda and rules of procedure. We were also able to bond with our international working patrols by undertaking some team building activities run by the Slovenian Scouts. There was still the opportunity for some important discussion and to set the scene for the coming days…

  • The opening session saw World Scout Committee member Mr. Joao Goncalves (Portugal) diplomatically dodge a question from a German delegate about why the World Scout Committee had not proceeded with implementing a formal quota for young people on the World Committee. Goncalves approached the question by reminding the Forum that the imposition of a quota would require a constitutional change (read: we didn’t have the votes) and that simply putting a young person on the Committee could be counterproductive to youth empowerment efforts. See the current composition of the World Scout Committee.
  • A session that included updates from the 6 WOSM Regions really got us thinking about the role of youth forums in the overall effort to increase the number of young people in decision making roles;
    • What is the real benefit of youth forums? Is it the outcome, information and recommendations they provide to decision makers, or the process, training young people in thinking about the most crucial issues in Scouting?
    • If forums are meant to be a temporary measure on the road to more meaningful youth involvement in decision making positions, what is the best way of re-shaping them when the original goal has been achieved? What does youth forum 2.0 look like?
    • If a bottom-up approach of making young people responsible for their own program from a young age builds capacity in the movement, then how do we best support this from a Regional and World-level support role.
  • The day concluded with a formal Opening Ceremony, attended by Ahmad Alhendawi, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. An inspiring ceremony featuring traditional Slovenian dancing and a giant bonfire.

If you can’t wait for tomorrow’s update, you can live stream the forum here, and follow the progress on Twitter and Facebook, or on WOSMs Youth Wall. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts by getting involved by commenting on Scouts Australia’s Facebook page, and in the comments below.

Youth Consultation: World Scout Youth Forum

How far has Scouts Australia come since 1993?

“Scouting is a Movement of young people, supported by adults; it is not a Movement for young people managed by adults only.”

Here at International News we’re big supporters of youth involvement in decision making – this blog is even written by young people! Last edition we were able to announce the Australian delegation to the World Scout Youth Forum, now it’s time for you to start having your input:

  • FROM TODAY: key forum documents and delegation positions, open for discussion and decision.
  • AT THE FORUM: the delegation will run a live blog, and crowd source decisions so you can have your input live.
  • INTO THE FUTURE: the recently unveiled WOSM Youth Wall will be essential for ongoing engagement, plus the National Youth Council is always keen to keep the international team up to speed.
Have your say in the lead up to the World Scout Youth Forum

Have your say in the lead up to the World Scout Youth Forum

From today, the delegation will be releasing – through this blog, and the Scouts Australia Facebook page – key documents that the Australian delegation needs to take a position on subsequently advocate for, at the World Scout Youth Forum.

Over the next month the delegation will be seeking input on the:

While you’re busy digesting those documents, there is an easier bit of consultation to undertake:

1. Scouts Australia has been allocated a Project Fair space at the Forum:

“it is a space to present young people’s projects and provide the opportunity for interaction and constructive discussion on issues related to these experiences. These projects could be Messengers of Peace projects, Scouts of the World Award projects, national projects or even local projects.”

What project should Scouts Australia display?


2. Scouts Australia needs to contribute a Scouting game that represents our country for a street festival in Slovenia. The game needs to be 5-15 minutes in duration.

Which Australian Scouting game should represent us in Slovenia?

Contribute your thoughts in the comments below, on Scouts Australia’s Facebook page, or email the delegation. Stay tuned for the next round of consultation!


Scouts Australia Delegation: 12th World Scout Youth Forum, Slovenia, August 2014

The World Scout Youth Forum is a gathering of youth members from National Scout Organisations around the world who come together to discuss Scouting and its future. The forum allows young people to make recommendations on the direction of Scouting to the World Scout Conference and World Scout Committee.

Chief Commissioner Reg Williams announced Scouts Australia’s delegation to the 12th World Scout Youth Forum to be held in Slovenia, 4-7 August 2014.

Delegate:        Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner

Delegate:        Christina Neilsen, Candidate, Youth Adviser, World Scout Committee

Observer:       Ryan Beeby, Chair, National Rover Council

Observer:       Alison Millward, Kingsford Smith Rover Crew

Observer:       Jonathon Morey, Chair, National Youth Council

The delegation will crowd source ideas and facilitate discussion on this blog and social media before, during, and after the event. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Find out more about the forum at the website.
  • Contact the delegation by email.