VACANCY: Contingent Leader: Finland National Jamboree 2016

Scouts Australia is seeking a volunteer leader to fill the position of Contingent Leader to the 2016 Finland National Jamboree. Scouts Australia has received a number of expressions of interest from members, and is committed to sending a contingent to this event.


The event will be held in Southern Finland 20 July – 28 July 2016. More information is available on the website: . Generic information on the position of Contingent Leader is available on our website

Interested applicants are asked to submit a CV with Scouting and professional information, as well as a cover letter (maximum of one page) outlining why they would like to apply for this position, and any relevant experience. Applications must be submitted via email to Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner,  by 25th January 2015.


International Program Idea: Finland’s Fire Race

How do you assess bushcraft? The Scouts and Guide of Finland have a special game to assess fire lighting.


Each patrol has a fire drum, and equal fire lighting resources – paper, wood, matches, sand/water safety buckets. Place the fire drums in a line, with a safe distance between each one, and string a length of twine 1.5m above the fire barrels. The fastest patrol to build a fire will break the twine indicating a winner.

Got a great program idea from overseas? Let us know!