Gallipoli ANZAC Day 2015

Australian Rover Nicky Strachan was lucky enough to visit Gallipoli on ANZAC Day 2015. Here is her story:

As I wondered up to Chunuk Bair from the Lone Pine ceremony, past the harrow rabbit warren of trenches still present, saw the terrain that both sides battle upon and knowing that everywhere around lay the fallen solider in the ultimate sacrifice I shed many a tear.

For someone only very junior in their military career it was a humbling and inspiring experience. The legacy I and my fellow servicemen and women carry forward in the next 100 years must be to honour and remember them, but above all learn their must be a better way to manage conflict and find it.

In addition I was fortunate enough to met Mr Hasan D. Subasi – President and Chief Scout of Turkey and some of the thousands of Scouts up at Chunuk Bair.

They kindly invited me to their local camp tonight but unfortunately I was unable to join due to our tour.

However I may be seeing some over the next few days in Istanbul.


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