VACANCY: National SISEP Coordinator

The Scouts Australia International Team is now recruiting for a volunteer leader to fill the position of National Coordinator of the SISEP Program.

SISEP (Scouts International Student Exchange Program) provides 16-17 year old Venturer Scouts with the opportunity to experience a different way of life by spending their summer holidays with a Scouting family in Denmark, England, Indonesia or Japan! SISEP also allows Aussie Scouting families to host overseas Scouts for 6-8 weeks in winter.


Photo: Brooke Shepherd

Photo: Brooke Shepherd

More information on the SISEP program is available on our website.

The Job Description for this position is posted below. For a copy of the selection criteria, and more information on the applications process, please email

Applications for this position close 10th January 2015


Job Description

National Co-Ordinator: SISEP (Scouts International Student Exchange Program)


This is a unique position that involves working closely with participating overseas Scout Associations and overseas youth and State Co-ordinators in Australia who work with local Venturer Scouts and their families.

Reporting to:                        Scout Australia International Commissioner

Purpose of the Position:

  1. To facilitate the operation of SISEP in each participating Branch and encourage its development in non-participating Branches.
  2. To liaise with the participating National Scout Associations.
  3. To provide a rewarding experience for all participants.
  4. To support state co-ordinators.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Maintain a database of all outgoing and incoming exchange students.
  2. Maintain a database of host families.
  3. Prepare regular reports for National meetings.
  4. Regularly update Branch State Co-ordinators on happenings and progress.

Travel Outward:

  1. Establish the annual cost to participants; airfares and other charges.
  2. Liaise with Branch representatives regarding advertising, likely travel dates, charges, application deadlines, selection panels and procedures.
  3. Notify overseas co-ordinators of actual/likely numbers to require hosting.
  4. Follow up on preparation meetings.
  5. Work with travel agent ( for departure the last Sunday in November) to obtain the best fare that allows coordinated travel from Branches.
  6. Arrange Insurance cover through the National Office and Australian Scarves (2) gumnut woggle & name badge.
  7. Provide SISEP scarf, name tape and badge once payments have been received.

Travel Inward:

  1. Work with overseas co-ordinators to have profiles and travel dates of visitors as early as possible.
  2. Organise allocation of hosts for overseas exchange students.
  3. Ensure state co-ordinators have host families with school and scout group in place.
  4. Ensure availability to state co-ordinators when they are at the airport to meet arriving and see off departing youth so that the national co-ordinator is advised and in turn can advise the overseas co-ordinators of safe arrivals or departures.


  1. In accordance with standard Scouts Australia procedures maintain a bank account for all monies received/expended.
  2. This account is best audited at the end of December each year in line with the Program’s January to December operating dates.
  3. The Program should operate on a self funding basis with development costs being largely built in to the charges made to sending families.


  1. Provide advertising material for the state co-ordinators.
  2. Regularly update the SISEP page of
  3. Add new documents as required to Scoutfile.


The National SISEP Coordinator is to

  1. Be a wood badged Leader. If a wood badged leader of youth, commit to becoming a wood badged leader of adults within 12 months of appointment.
  2. Have completed the SAIT module on International Scouting.

Skills and Experience:

  1. Have good computer skills.
  2. Have travelled extensively ensuring a good understanding of different cultures.
  3. Have an understanding of the process to include short tern exchange students into secondary school education in Australia
  4. Show attention to detail.
  5. Have good communication skills.
  6. Have a proactive approach.



VACANCY: Contingent Leader: Finland National Jamboree 2016

Scouts Australia is seeking a volunteer leader to fill the position of Contingent Leader to the 2016 Finland National Jamboree. Scouts Australia has received a number of expressions of interest from members, and is committed to sending a contingent to this event.


The event will be held in Southern Finland 20 July – 28 July 2016. More information is available on the website: . Generic information on the position of Contingent Leader is available on our website

Interested applicants are asked to submit a CV with Scouting and professional information, as well as a cover letter (maximum of one page) outlining why they would like to apply for this position, and any relevant experience. Applications must be submitted via email to Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner,  by 25th January 2015.