Scouting Profile: Enrique Agustín León Langridge from Mexico

Each month, International News profiles a Scout from overseas:

Enrique Agustín León Langridge, Mexico

First Scout Promise: I began as cub-scout at group 86 in Mexico City in 1964 and made my first scout promise as a cub-scout in 1965. After that I went on through Scouting as a kid and as an adult, now I can say I still am.

Current Scout Role: I am a member of the “National Consulting Council” every former National President and every former National Scout Chief becomes a member after their administration comes to an end. I am the former National Chief Scout Executive of México 1999-2002.

In the real world: I work as a full time professor of ethics.

The Importance of Scouting: It is important because it is a great way of holding brotherhood among all humans in this world. 


Most rewarding part of Scouting: To know that what we do is for the good of everybody. Youth and elderly as well.

Scouting reflection: When I was born, my parents were already scouts and I was presented as a baby with my first scout neckerchief or scout scarf. My father was a National Chief Scout and I was also a National Scout Chief 20 years after. My father was a rover scout, later I was also a rover scout and my son followed us. My wife is too and my daughter followed her as well. My daughter and my son are active in scouting, now it is them who may continue this family story.

On what Scouting in each country has to offer: Every country has the best to offer to their members no matter how it is seen from the outside. The good thing is that it is always planned to reach the culture and the particular needs of each place. Therefore even though it seems to be so extravagantly different, Lord Baden Powel’s dream is always reached. Youth’s education is enhanced through service to others and experiencing a outdoors life, always bearing in mind our principles and the great tool, “learn by doing”. In Mexico we still have a great deal of it.

Biggest Challenge facing Scouting today: We must never forget that once Scout you’re always Scout, therefore we are brothers and sisters of all Scouts and why not also of all humans existing on the planet. We must consider that.

Love to all without minding any kind of obstacle, (race, color, religion, nationality, social class, language, etc, etc.). The Scout law is a great way to start it. We should know it and LIVE IT to make it part of our actions. The biggest challenge is to spread such Scout law for the good of mankind.

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