World Scout Youth Forum: Day 2 Highlights

Another great day at the World Scout Youth Forum!

The Day 2 discussion centred on some research undertaken by WOSM on Global Youth Trends. Rather than just discussing what the delegates think are the important issues for young people around the world, this academic research surveyed statistical data and current Scout members to paint a picture of the needs and trends globally. Broken into the areas of economy, education, health, and politics, society and security, the report highlights issues such as:

  • increasing youth unemployment
  • tertiary enrolment rates and online literacy,
  • substance abuse
  • alternative modes of political participation.

Ryan Beeby prepares Australia’s contribution to morning tea, hosted by the Asia-Pacific Region.

For us Australians, the trends identified under the education area were the most interesting. Particularly, the ideas generated onvhow Scouting can be reactive to these trends to deliver more for our young people.

  • How can we better, as the Canadian delegates say, ‘turn sleeve cred into street cred’ using achievement within the award scheme to get the best outcomes for young people?
  • Does Scouting reach out to employers in a pro-active manner to advertise the benefits of Scout training?
  • Does the Scouting program relieve the pressure to succeed academically that is placed on young people today? How can we do more?

In other news, Australia’s candidate for one of the 6 Youth Adviser to the World Scout Committee positions, Chris Neilsen, gave her campaign speech today. Chris did a great job… let’s hope she succeeds in the vote tomorrow! We also made a small contribution to the Asia-Pacific Region morning tea by supplying Tim Tams and Ryan Beeby in an Akubra (both of which went down well).

Reminder: you can stream the conference live, and keep up to date on Twitter and Facebook.


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