World Scout Youth Forum: Day 1 Highlights

Welcome to our first daily wrap-up from the 12th World Scout Youth Forum held in Rogla, Slovenia.

The first day was taken up with introductions and important administrative tasks such as  approval of the agenda and rules of procedure. We were also able to bond with our international working patrols by undertaking some team building activities run by the Slovenian Scouts. There was still the opportunity for some important discussion and to set the scene for the coming days…

  • The opening session saw World Scout Committee member Mr. Joao Goncalves (Portugal) diplomatically dodge a question from a German delegate about why the World Scout Committee had not proceeded with implementing a formal quota for young people on the World Committee. Goncalves approached the question by reminding the Forum that the imposition of a quota would require a constitutional change (read: we didn’t have the votes) and that simply putting a young person on the Committee could be counterproductive to youth empowerment efforts. See the current composition of the World Scout Committee.
  • A session that included updates from the 6 WOSM Regions really got us thinking about the role of youth forums in the overall effort to increase the number of young people in decision making roles;
    • What is the real benefit of youth forums? Is it the outcome, information and recommendations they provide to decision makers, or the process, training young people in thinking about the most crucial issues in Scouting?
    • If forums are meant to be a temporary measure on the road to more meaningful youth involvement in decision making positions, what is the best way of re-shaping them when the original goal has been achieved? What does youth forum 2.0 look like?
    • If a bottom-up approach of making young people responsible for their own program from a young age builds capacity in the movement, then how do we best support this from a Regional and World-level support role.
  • The day concluded with a formal Opening Ceremony, attended by Ahmad Alhendawi, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth. An inspiring ceremony featuring traditional Slovenian dancing and a giant bonfire.

If you can’t wait for tomorrow’s update, you can live stream the forum here, and follow the progress on Twitter and Facebook, or on WOSMs Youth Wall. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts by getting involved by commenting on Scouts Australia’s Facebook page, and in the comments below.


One thought on “World Scout Youth Forum: Day 1 Highlights

  1. wow! as a parent just starting out with my sons in the scouting world (i have a Joey and a cub!) it is so exciting to see and hear about the amazing opportunities that scouts can help bring about – things like this youth forum! thanks for posting and looking forward to following along!

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