Youth Consultation: World Scout Youth Forum

How far has Scouts Australia come since 1993?

“Scouting is a Movement of young people, supported by adults; it is not a Movement for young people managed by adults only.”

Here at International News we’re big supporters of youth involvement in decision making – this blog is even written by young people! Last edition we were able to announce the Australian delegation to the World Scout Youth Forum, now it’s time for you to start having your input:

  • FROM TODAY: key forum documents and delegation positions, open for discussion and decision.
  • AT THE FORUM: the delegation will run a live blog, and crowd source decisions so you can have your input live.
  • INTO THE FUTURE: the recently unveiled WOSM Youth Wall will be essential for ongoing engagement, plus the National Youth Council is always keen to keep the international team up to speed.
Have your say in the lead up to the World Scout Youth Forum

Have your say in the lead up to the World Scout Youth Forum

From today, the delegation will be releasing – through this blog, and the Scouts Australia Facebook page – key documents that the Australian delegation needs to take a position on subsequently advocate for, at the World Scout Youth Forum.

Over the next month the delegation will be seeking input on the:

While you’re busy digesting those documents, there is an easier bit of consultation to undertake:

1. Scouts Australia has been allocated a Project Fair space at the Forum:

“it is a space to present young people’s projects and provide the opportunity for interaction and constructive discussion on issues related to these experiences. These projects could be Messengers of Peace projects, Scouts of the World Award projects, national projects or even local projects.”

What project should Scouts Australia display?


2. Scouts Australia needs to contribute a Scouting game that represents our country for a street festival in Slovenia. The game needs to be 5-15 minutes in duration.

Which Australian Scouting game should represent us in Slovenia?

Contribute your thoughts in the comments below, on Scouts Australia’s Facebook page, or email the delegation. Stay tuned for the next round of consultation!



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