Network Your Service

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s pretty humid, but the food is good and the hospitality excellent.

Scouts Australia is here for an Asia-Pacific Regional get together to discuss the Messengers of Peace (MoP) initiative. For those that don’t know, MoP is the product of a big donation to world Scouting, that is allowing Scouts around the globe to be Messengers of Peace and ‘Create a Better World’.

Scouts Australia has received funding for its work in Timor-Leste, and to help equip leaders in Australia, and around the world, with strategies to combat bullying.

Aside from the money is the opportunity for all Scouts to network their service. The MoP Network allows Scouts to share their service experiences and see what other Scouts around the world are doing to interact with their communities. You can also record your service hours and contribute to Scouts Australia’s total.

Currently Scouts Australia is ranked 24th in the world in terms of service hours. Can you help us to lift our position?

For more information of MoP in Australia, visit our website, email Lizz, or comment below.


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