Asia-Pacific Photo Contest: Australia Wins Bronze

Congratulations to Ryan Beeby, Victoria, who has been awarded a bronze prize in the 12th Asia-Pacific Region Scout Photo Contest!

Australian Ryan Beeby's Bronze Prize winning photo. Domenican Republic, 2013

Australian Ryan Beeby’s Bronze Prize winning photo. Domenican Republic, 2013

Ryan reveals to International News that he didn’t actually take the prize-winning snap, “I put my basic compact camera in the hands of a parent while leading games with Group 123 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and the photo turned out great!

“I was visiting a Rover I met in 2011 when I was studying in San Diego, and she was staff at the Boy Scouts of America’s Mataguay Scout Ranch.

See the other winning entries in the gallery:

Ryan also had a second photo in contention for a prize:

The Scout Experience: Tijuana, Mexico, 2013

The Scout Experience: Tijuana, Mexico, 2013

“It was taken early on in the same trip when I visited the US-AID funded, “The Scout Experience” project in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. It’s lead by a very close friend of mine who together with her husband are advisers to the “Clans”, or Crews as we would call them in Australia, in the area. I met them on the San Diego side of the border back in 2011 and they instantly invited me to all of the Rover events in Tijuana and surrounds. They made me feel amazingly at home like nothing else, and I remain a full knight and “God-father” of the “Clan de Clans de Baja California”, or ‘All Crews in Baja’.

You can read more about their project in TijuanaHave a great Scouting photo?  Share it with us!


Contingent Leader Appointment: 13th New Zealand Venture, January 2016

Scouts Australia is delighted to announce that Phil Britt, Victoria, has accepted the position of Contingent Leader to the 13th New Zealand Venture to be held in Rotorua, January 2016.

The New Zealand Venture is a premier event on Scouts Australia’s international calendar. The last time the event was held in 2013, over 500 Scouts Australia members travelled overseas – that meant organising transport, food, and activities for a contingent larger than the Australian Olympic team!

Phil was the Deputy Contingent Leader for the 2013 event, but looking forward he says, “I’ve got a personal goal to make sure we get as many Scouts Australia members overseas as possible” 

“The New Zealand Venture is a great opportunity to introduce our youth members to international travel – they can make new friends, learn new skills, and experience more of the world around them.”

Phil will soon be putting together his contingent team, so if you’re interested in helping plan and run this adventure, contact Phil on 0418 528 521 or via email.

More information on this event will be released later in 2014.

Scouts Australia Delegation: 12th World Scout Youth Forum, Slovenia, August 2014

The World Scout Youth Forum is a gathering of youth members from National Scout Organisations around the world who come together to discuss Scouting and its future. The forum allows young people to make recommendations on the direction of Scouting to the World Scout Conference and World Scout Committee.

Chief Commissioner Reg Williams announced Scouts Australia’s delegation to the 12th World Scout Youth Forum to be held in Slovenia, 4-7 August 2014.

Delegate:        Andrew Cooper, Assistant International Commissioner

Delegate:        Christina Neilsen, Candidate, Youth Adviser, World Scout Committee

Observer:       Ryan Beeby, Chair, National Rover Council

Observer:       Alison Millward, Kingsford Smith Rover Crew

Observer:       Jonathon Morey, Chair, National Youth Council

The delegation will crowd source ideas and facilitate discussion on this blog and social media before, during, and after the event. Stay tuned for more info.

  • Find out more about the forum at the website.
  • Contact the delegation by email.

Network Your Service

Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia. It’s pretty humid, but the food is good and the hospitality excellent.

Scouts Australia is here for an Asia-Pacific Regional get together to discuss the Messengers of Peace (MoP) initiative. For those that don’t know, MoP is the product of a big donation to world Scouting, that is allowing Scouts around the globe to be Messengers of Peace and ‘Create a Better World’.

Scouts Australia has received funding for its work in Timor-Leste, and to help equip leaders in Australia, and around the world, with strategies to combat bullying.

Aside from the money is the opportunity for all Scouts to network their service. The MoP Network allows Scouts to share their service experiences and see what other Scouts around the world are doing to interact with their communities. You can also record your service hours and contribute to Scouts Australia’s total.

Currently Scouts Australia is ranked 24th in the world in terms of service hours. Can you help us to lift our position?

For more information of MoP in Australia, visit our website, email Lizz, or comment below.